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Lydia is 15/16 Finnsheep 1/16 Romney.  Lydia is beautiful and very gentle and sweet.  We get more compliments on her then any of our sheep.  

FBA Registration Number: unregistered

Breeding & Babies:
For 2017 Abigail will be bred to Abraham

Breeding & Babies:
For 2017 Lydia will be bred to Abraham

Breeding & Babies:

For 2017 Leah will be bred to Abraham

2016--triplets (Abigail, and 2 rams)

Breeding & Babies:
For 2017 Rachel will be bred to Asher
2016--triplets (Chloe, and 2 rams)

Clover is 7/8 Finnsheep 1/8 Romney.  She is a beautiful and shy ewe.  She was born on St. Patrick's Day so our youngest named her Clover.  She also came from Sweet Clover Farm...which made the name even more appropriate.  

FBA Registration Number: unregistered

Breeding & Babies:
For 2017 Eve will be bred to Abraham

Chloe is purebred Finnsheep.  She is beautiful and unique.  She has very fine wool.  

FBA Registration Number: 28116

Eve is purebred Finnsheep, but unregistered.  She's a big, happy girl; very fun and lively.  She loves to be with her mom and the other lambs. She doesn't like to be alone or left's a good thing she's got a wonderful flock to call family (not to mention a human family that loves her!)

FBA Registration Number: unregistered  

Rachel is purebred Finnsheep.  She is very sweet and will patiently wait for attention and love.  She fits right in with our flock and seems very content to just be.  Rachel had triplets her first lambing.  

FBA Registration Number: 27188
(Rachel was previously named "Snowdrop" when she was little but we changed it)

Breeding & Babies:
For 2017 Clover will be bred to Asher
2016--single (Lydia)

Anya is purebred Finnsheep, but unregistered.  She is beautiful and has a very sweet nature.  Anya is an amazing mom.  We couldn't be happier that this sweet ewe is part of our flock.  

FBA Registration Number: unregistered

Leah is purebred Finnsheep.  She is very independent but still loves receiving some good loving from time to time.  She can be the most vocal of our flock...she'll let you know when she wants something.  She had triplets her first lambing and did great!  

FBA Registration Number: 27190

(Leah was previously named "Tiny" when she was little but we changed it)

For 2017 Abraham will be bred to Leah, Abigail, Lydia, Chloe, and Eve.  

Breeding & Babies:
For 2017 Anya will be bred to Asher
2016--single (Eve)

If you are interested in purchasing a lamb from us, contact us to reserve one with a non-refundable deposit, or see what we have available now on the For Sale page.  

Abigail is purebred Finnsheep.

FBA Registration Number: 28115

Here at Olde Haven Farm we raise Finnsheep. We have fallen in love with this breed and absolutely adore our flock.   We do have a few Finnsheep crosses too.  

Finnsheep Characteristics:

Most of the Finnsheep in the USA are pure white. They are also increasingly available in solid black and black/white piebald (spotted) and somewhat less commonly found in grey, brown and fawn. Finnsheep wool has unmistakable luster and softness in all shades of color. While the fleece is lightweight (5-6 lb.) it is highly praised by hand spinners as it blends easily with other fibers, has a long staple (3-6″), and a wool spinning count in the 50′s (24 to 31 microns). 

The Finnsheep is not a big sheep but it produces a lean, succulent meat with a light, delicate flavor. The meat is sought after by many a gastronome. Due to this breed's year-round lambing ability, Finn lamb is perfect for any holiday celebration.

Multiple lambs:
Renowned as prolific breeders producing multiple births, the Finnsheep regulary has triplets and quadruplets. Our history records show several litters of octuplets and septuplets. It is not uncommon for ewe lambs, twelve months of age, to have twins and triplets. Finnsheep are excellent mothers with plentiful milk for the large litters.

Early maturity:
Unlike many other breeds, the Finnsheep matures very early. Rams mature at four to eight months and ewes are bred to lamb by 12 months of age.

The breed as a whole has a friendly dispostion. The Finnsheep tends to have greater tolerance to heat and cold than most domestic breeds. They exhibit greater foraging ability, enjoying leaves and brush as much as cultivated pasture.

For 2017 Asher will be bred to Rachel, Anya and Clover.

2016--Leah, Rachel, Anya, Clover

Breeding & Babies:
For 2017 Chloe will be bred to Abraham

Abraham is a new addition to the flock!  We drove to New York to Stillmeadow Finnsheep to get our precious Abraham.  He is rare as he is all brown!  Even at an early age he was a big boy.  We are very excited to see what additions he brings to our farm.   

FBA Registration Number: 28278

Asher is purebred Finnsheep.  He is a beautiful big badger Finn.  We get a lot of compliments on his wool when it gets's simply gorgeous.  He is also friendly and gentle!  We love him so much and couldn't have asked for a better ram for the flock!  

FBA Registration Number: 27602