Benedict, or "Benny" is our breeding boar.  We drove down to Sugar Mountain Farm in Vermont to get him.  He is purebred Tamworth.  

Lizzie is purebred Tamworth.  She is a quiet gal and like to just lay down in the background and watch everything.  

Phoebe is a Tamworth/Hampshire cross.  This friendly girl will roll over like a dog when she wants you to scratch her belly.  

Here at Olde Haven Farm we raise Tamworth and Tamworth Crosses. Tamworths are heritage pigs that are long and lean.  They are known for having very docile temperaments.  Tamworths are built well for the outdoor life and thrive as year-long outdoor stock.  We raise our pigs in paddocks in our woods, even in the winter.  They do have shelters in each paddock.  

Tamworths are best known for great tasting bacon and lean pork.  

Olivia is purebred Tamworth.  Like her sister Lizzie, she's quiet and laid back. She's a bit of a find her behind the other pigs or a bush or tree. 

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