FARM fresh at home 

Muscovy ducks are know for their great-tasting lean meat and are a favorite of many, especially chefs. Their red meat is flavorful and lean and most often compared to veal or a roast beef. Our Muscovy meat comes from free-range ducks with access to ponds, shelter and pastures. 

We do not use hormones or antibiotics in the raising of our ducks.

Tips for preparing Muscovy

- Even though Muscovy is raised on our farm it is still considered a "game" meat and is best served at a medium rare temperature (155 F-165 F)

- Muscovy is much leaner than typical duck meat and should be roasted at a higher temperature (475 F) to maintain the moistness of the meat.

- The breast meat is the choicest part of the bird and should be prepared with the skin on to concentrate the flavor and keep the meat moist due

  to its natural leanness

- The fat rendered from the cooking of the Muscovy can be saved and reused in several dishes in place of oil or butter to add a deep and 

  savory flavor to the simplest of dishes.