FARM fresh at home 

Here at Olde Haven Farm we raise Muscovy Ducks.  We have fallen in love with these ducks and the meat is highly sought after so it fits our little farm perfectly.  Muscovy ducks don't quack and it can be quite the entertainment watching them communicate with each other.  They are wonderful mothers, we've even had one bird sit on and hatch out 28 babies and take care of all of them herself.

Our ducks free range around the farm and have access to three ponds.  They are also allowed to fly, and will sometimes be found roosting in trees.    

Guineafowl are probably our most favorite animal we raise here at Olde Haven farm.  We let them free range over the property and work as our tick control.  They also are pure entertainment.  We love to just sit and watch them.  

Our 2016 experiment was to add Chinese Geese  with our laying hens to act as guardians and protectors.  They too free range.  They sure have a lot of character and gumption.  

We also raise several batches of meat birds throughout the summer and early fall.  These birds are raised as pastured poultry and moved daily in chicken tractors.  To find out more about our pastured poultry and the chicken tractors visit our Pastured Poultry page.  

Here at Olde Haven Farm we have a small flock of Bourbon Red Turkeys.  They free range around the farm.  

We also raise Broad Breasted White turkeys in tractors as Pastured Poultry.  

Here at Olde Haven Farm we have over 100 laying Chickens.  We have a large coop and enclosed run for them, but we allow them to free range as much as they want.  We have a variety of heritage breeds.  Our biggest criteria for bird selection is how well they can adapt to cold weather, because we want to make sure they can survive Maine's winters.