We are those people.  The kind of people you hear about and say "they did what!?!"

We moved 2000 miles from a crowded suburb to a 90 acre parcel in Central Maine, where we knew nobody, to start a farm.  What appealed to us was a simpler life and the values of small towns.  We loved Maine and its beauty and looked for property out here for several years before making the move.  When we found the property we wanted, we put in an offer sight unseen (other than online).  See?  Crazy.  But we couldn't be happier and we have been working diligently ever since on turning the piece of land into a working farm.

Here at Olde Haven Farm, we believe in knowing where our food comes from.  We believe that our animals deserve a happy healthy life with the ability to do what comes natural to them.  

Chickens forage for bugs in the fields.  Sheep graze on lush green pastures with the goats near by.  Ducks have access to ponds any time they want.  We also believe in using the resources that our land provides for us, and being good stewards of our land.  We do not want to destroy the land but build it up, improving soil, trees, and fields.  We practice rotational grazing to allow land to recover from animals and to provide the animals with the best grazing and nutrition available.  Our animals are raised hormone and antibiotic free and our produce is MOFGA Certified Organic.


Here at Olde Haven Farm it is a family affair. The kids all help out a lot.  The number one question we get asked when people hear our story is "How did the kids take it?"  Well I fully believe the kids are thriving!  Having land to play on and explore, surrounding themselves with animals to love on and having responsibilities and purpose was not something typical city kids had.  They do have a lot more chores then they ever had when we lived in the city, but they also have a lot more freedom and fun.  They literally have a magical playground at their feet.